New York City

Green Dye Added to Delaware River

The Delaware River will be dyed green today in efforts to improve environmental conditions.

The dye test is a part of the validation process for a 3D hydrodynamic model using Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code and will run from today until this Friday.

The model is one of the scientific tools used in the city's Green City Clean Waters Plan that will help the Philadelphia Water Department understand how pollution is dispersed throughout the Delaware River.

The green dye called Fluorescein is considered harmless to humans and will have no environmental impacts in the amounts being used for the study, according to PWD.

A green tint in the river can be seen from Susquehanna Avenue to the North, and Washington Avenue to the South, and should be visible for the first 3 hours.

The study is being conducted by Woods Hole Group, Inc, and directed by Rutgers University professor Robert Chant, who has performed similar projects with a recent published study occurring in the tidal Hudson River near New York City. 

Learn more about the study on the Water Department’s website.

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