Delaware Primary Voter Registration Closes Saturday

With a myriad of candidates on September’s primary ballot for U.S. Senate and House of Representatives seats, unregistered voters in Delaware better make sure they’re registered.

Primary voter registration in Delaware closes Saturday.

Voters wanting to vote in the primary must register with a party affiliation in order to choose the Democrat and Republican nominees for the U.S. Senate seat. Democrats will be able to choose from candidates Thomas Carper and Evelyn Harris Kerri, while Republicans will have three choices: Robert Arlett, Eugene Truono Jr. and Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, according to the Delaware Department of Elections.

The Republican primary also includes a U.S. House race where voters will choose between candidates Scott Walker and Lee Murphy. The winner of this race will face off against Democratic incumbent Lisa Blunt Rochester in November.

Previously registered voters hoping to change their party affiliation before the primary are out of luck as Saturday’s deadline only applies to unregistered voters. The deadline to change party affiliation was May 25.

Unregistered voters can register by visiting the state’s department of elections website.


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