Delaware Police: Lock Your Cars

An alarming crime trend in New Castle County Delaware has police pleading for drivers to do one simple thing -- lock their car doors.

There have been 122 thefts of valuables from cars so far in 2009, according to New Castle County Police Corporal Trinidad Navarro.

Investigators discovered that in most instances the cars were left unlocked.

19 different communities have been hit be thieves who, in most cases, walked around in the early morning searching for unlocked parked vehicles, said police.

It's difficult for investigators to link all the thefts to one suspect or suspects but the cases are similar -- find an unlocked car and enter without force. There have been some cases where force was used but in most cases the cars were unlocked, said police.

Among items being stolen:

  • laptop computers
  • iPods
  • purses 
  • other electronics

The public can help slow down these thefts if they heed the advice of police and lock the car.

Anyone who sees anything suspicious is asked to call 911.

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