You Can Cross Delaware Memorial Bridge on Foot for 1st Time

The Delaware Memorial Bridge will host a benefit run for the state's Special Olympics program in October. The event will mark the first time people will be able to cross the structure on foot.

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For the first time, the Delaware Memorial Bridge linking Delaware and New Jersey will see runners, not cars, cross its lanes.
State Officials announced the first ever benefit run across the bridge, with all proceeds from the Run to Acceptance benefiting the Special Olympics of Delaware.
The race is set for Oct. 1, and registration will open July 1 with an entry fee of $100. The run is only open to first responders, such as retired and active police, EMS, firefighters, and military personnel. The participants will be capped at 2,500.
The run will take place on the New Jersey bound section of the bridge and will kick off at 7 a.m. Lane closures will begin at 5 a.m. with the bridge reopening at 8:30 a.m. A recognition program will then get underway at the Bridge’s Veterans Memorial Park on the Delaware side of the bridge.
The Special Olympics has a long-standing rapport with law enforcement. “When we are out in the community doing our everyday jobs, we see the need to continue to build bridges of acceptance for those with special needs,” Greg Nolt, state director of Delaware Law Enforcement for Special Olympics, said. The run will raise aid and resources needed to support Delaware’s year-round Special Olympics program, which serves 4,200 children and adults across the state, and allows athletes compete and train in 19 Olympic Sports.
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