Delaware Man Thought He Won $1,000, Goes Home with $1 Million

A retired 66-year-old man from Long Neck, Delaware, is now $1 million richer.

The man, who the Delaware Lottery said wished to remain anonymous, said he usually purchases a few "Instant Game" and "Draw Game" tickets every week. He purchased his winning Mega Millions ticket at Atlantic Liquors in Rehoboth, using "Quick Pick" to choose his numbers. 

“I never could have believed this happened,” the man said. “I scanned it in the store and thought it was $1,000 at first. I scanned it, and the screen said it was a winner. I gave it to the woman (cashier), and she couldn’t believe it either.”

When asked what he planned on doing with his winnings, the big winner said he was going to relax and enjoy his twilight years.

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