Delaware Confirms Largest Catfish Catch in State History

An angler caught the largest catfish ever in the state of Delaware, breaking the record of a catch that occurred just a few months prior.

Jordan Chelton of Harrington caught the 36-pound, 3.2-ounce blue catfish measuring 38-1/2 inches long with a 27-1/2-inch girth on June 20 at the Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament, the state confirmed Tuesday.

"I've been fishing all my life," 19-year-old Chelton said. "I caught a fish before that was almost the same but not quite the same size."

The record catch was initially confirmed by Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police Officer Adam Roark, before verification at Taylored Tackle Shop in Seaford Delaware.

Chelton caught the fish in the Nanticoke River, the same body of water that previous record holder Gavin Spicer caught a 25-plus-pound catfish back in April.

After taking the bait at about 9:30 p.m., it took almost a half hour for Chelton to reel in the massive catch.

The official confirmation makes Jordan Chelton the record holder in the state's only category for catfish.

"It was a once in a lifetime experience," Chelton said.

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