Scum-of-the-Earth Crime

Police: Caretaker robs 90-year old blind man of nearly $500,000

The guy who used to take care of a 90-year old blind man in Delaware, is now accused of bilking his patient out of nearly $500,000.

Bruce Stabley used the money to pay off mortgages, get a new kitchen, new roof, car and motorcycle, according to police.

The victim alerted police back in January that a great deal of money was missing from his bank account.

New Castle County police worked with an investigator who specializes in crimes and abuse against the elderly. They say Stabley began withdrawing large sums of money from the victim's account back in July of 2007. That's when Stabley started handling the older man's finances.


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Stabley's accused of taking more than $475,000. The victim did not authorize any of the purchases or cash withdrawals. He wasn't able to view his own banking account statements because of his sight loss, said police.

Stabley, 42, was arrested Wednesday night, arraigned and taken to the Howard Young Prison when he couldn't post bail. He was charged with theft-related crimes as well as exploiting the resources of an infirmed adult.

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