Del. Lawmaker Wants 2-Way Locks Placed on Every Classroom

A bill is now on the table at the Delaware State House that would cost millions but could also save lives.

State Rep. Earl Jaques (D) is proposing two-way locks on every classroom in the state.

“Every day we don’t have locks on those doors, we are testing fate,” Jaques said.

Two-way locks are currently on all the classroom doors at William Penn High School. Richard Bryson, the director of security at the school, says that in the wake of Sandy Hook and other school massacres, every school should have them.

“Everybody is counting on it not happening in our buildings,’ Bryson said. “We can’t do that. We have to plan that it may happen and be prepared.”

Proponents of the bill say that if a gunman tries to open a locked door, he’ll be more inclined to move on to a different room. This will in turn slow him down, giving first responders more time to neutralize the threat.

While many agree that placing two-way locks on classrooms is a good idea, questions have been raised regarding who will foot the $4 million bill in order to make it happen. Jaques says companies and organizations have already offered to chip in. He also hopes parents across the state will be willing to help as well.

“I have three grandchildren myself,” he said. “I’d be more than happy to donate the cost of three locks to make sure my three grandkids are safe.”

Jaques is hoping that the bill is passed this spring so that Delaware classrooms have their locks by the fall.

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