VIDEO: Deer Crashes NJ Goodwill Store

A doe crashed through the front door of the Goodwill Store in Woodbury Heights, NJ Saturday. Nobody was injured.

Shoppers at a South Jersey Goodwill Store got a special visitor Saturday afternoon when a doe came crashing through the front door.

The store, located in Woodbury Heights, N.J. (about 15 miles from Philadelphia), has already made repairs and reports that no shoppers were injured in the incident.

VIDEO: Doe Crashes Through Goodwill Store

In the security video spliced together and posted to YouTube, you can see multiple angles of the doe sprinting across the parking lot and crashing through the front door before stumbling back to its feet and escaping.

"At first I just heard a loud noise," says Victor Santucci, the regional manager of the Goodwill stores who was on location when the video was taken. "I thought maybe a car had crashed through the front door. We made sure that our customers were safe and got them out of the store, and then we corralled the deer to get her out. It didn't appear to be hurt."

Santucci added that there were five deer in the parking lot Saturday, "but only one crashed through the door."

“It’s really odd because that store doesn’t back up to any woods,” says Juli Lundberg, a spokesperson for the Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. “It came out of nowhere.”

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