DA Seeks Death for Veterinarian Accused of Murder

Lansdale vet is accused of killing a pregnant lab tech, with whom he was allegedly having an affair

Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin says he will seek the death penalty for David Rapoport.

Rapoport was arrested in March after he allegedly killed his pregnant girlfriend, Jennifer Snyder. Snyder was a veterinarian tech with whom Rapoport was allegedly having an affair, police say. 

Rapoport worked as a veterinarian at the Harleysville Veterinary Hospital. Police say he shot Snyder three times, then dumped her body in a near by wooded area.

Rapoport was married at the time he was dating Snyder, authorities say.

Snyder was two months pregnant when she was killed, her body was found in a nature preserve in North Whitehall Township, according to authorities.

Surveillance video led police to find a 9 mm glock pistol in a nearby dumpster. Ballistics tests confirmed that the weapon belonged to Rapoport.

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