Man, Woman Shot, Killed Then Home Set on Fire

Firefighters made a grisly discovery inside a burning home last week and after autopsies, what was what suspected was confirmed.

A man and a woman were shot in the head before their house caught fire Thursday.

Crews found the bodies of Carmen Montas-Madera, 35, and Norberta Lopez, 38, inside a row home along the 4200 block of Ormand Street in Philadelphia’s Juniata neighborhood late Thursday night.

It only took firefighters a short period of time to put out the fire, which was contained to the kitchen, and the home didn’t appear from the outside to be heavily damaged.

A short time alter, firefighters found Montas-Madera in a front upstairs bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head and Lopez in a rear upstairs bedroom also with a gunshot wound to the head.

Both victims resided in the home but police didn't reveal their relationship.

Police said the investigation remains open and no arrests have been made.

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