Dead Mice, Droppings Found at AC High School

Students at Atlantic City High School could only react with complete disgust.

“It’s kind of disgusting,” said Molly Dugan.

“That’s kind of grotesque to me,” said Reginald Dawson.

Local health inspectors say they discovered grossly unsanitary conditions in the school’s cafeteria during a routine inspection on February 28. Among the findings were mouse droppings all over the cafeteria and kitchen, including the preparation and serving areas. Inspectors also say dead mice in traps were found behind and below a dish washing machine.

“This is actually kind of big for some students, including me,” said Dawson.

Health inspectors gave the school an “unsatisfactory” evaluation and also ordered the cafeteria to be closed for a full day. A follow up check showed conditions had improved enough for the school to reopen.

Mouse droppings were also found in the school in November of 2011, causing the cafeteria to temporarily close. More droppings were found in February of 2012. The cafeteria stayed open during that time and the school brought in an exterminator.

“I’ve got to think twice now and take a double look,” said Alex Acevedo, a senior at the high school.

“I don’t eat in the cafeteria,” said Lara Storr, a sophomore. “But it’s still not something I want to hear about.”

The school district superintendent told NBC10’s Ted Greenberg that the situation had been taken care of. Students claim the school never told them about the rodent problems.

“They make phone calls for spirit days and half-days,” said Molly Dugan. “So they should’ve definitely told us about that.”

Health Department Officials say they’ll inspect the school again in the near future.

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