Daughter of Murder Victim on Step Mom's Arrest: I Knew She Did It

The daughter of Danny Burroughs talks to NBC10 after her step mom is charged with murder

Loretta Doyles Burroughs cried in court today as she was charged with murder.

Tonight, the daughter of Danny Burroughs tells NBC10's Chris Cato that she knew all along her step mom was responsible for her Dad's death.

"I knew in my heart that he was dead from the moment I found out he was missing and that she did it," said Caroline Burroughs, victim's daughter.

Prosecutors believe Loretta stabbed Danny Burroughs to death. Sources say his remains were discovered this morning in two containers inside a closet of her Ventnor home.

Investigators are not clear if they were put into containers due to decomposition, or if the body was mutilated.

Loretta moved, more than once, according to the Burroughs family, after divorcing Danny shortly after his disappearance on August 14, 2007.

Caroline Burroughs recalls her step mom was angry because her father wanted to move to Florida.

"She told me and my daughter at her table that over her dead body would she let him sell the house and move to Florida," said Burroughs, who says after her Dad disappeared Loretta told everyone that he ran off with another woman.

The family never believed her and kept asking police to continue the investigation.

"She's crying? Was she crying when she stabbed him to death and put him in pieces or whatever she did to him? Has she been crying for six years? No, she's just sorry she got caught, that's why she's crying." 

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