Dash Down Broad Street

The Largest 10 Miler in the United States


Lace up those sneakers and pound the pavement at the 32nd annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run. On May 1st, 30,000 people will run the fastest 10-mile course in the country. The run will begin at 8:30 a.m. The run will start at Central High School athletic field at Broad street and Somerville avenue and will finish inside the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Along the course there will be first-aid stations, port-a-potties, water stations, and more to keep runners cool and comfortable. This event is full of entertainment such as music groups, high school bands, cheerleading squads, and much more to keep the whole family entertained and motivated.
This year, everyone will recieve a commerative medal at the end of the finish line.

A new record has been broken and the run has reached its capacity at 30,000 runners in less than a week and registration is now closed. For more information visit Blue Cross Broad Street Run.


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