One Night Leads to a Lifetime of Consquence

Darren Dieter was shot and paralyzed from the neck down.

Darren Dieter remains wheelchair-bound, paralyzed from the neck down. The man convicted of putting him there, Tyree Bohannon, will spend the next 15-to-30 in prison for that fateful night. The two were in in court Monday for what became an emotional time.

Bonhannon pleaded guilty to shooting Dieter. He apolozed to Dieter and his family, saying he prayed every night that Dieter would get better. "I don't have a choice about moving on with my life. I'm going to try to be, accomplish as much as I can accomplish. And ah, try to work with other people with disabilities to improve their lives."

Dieter gave his point of view, a "victim's impact statement" saying, "He'll get the chance to get out in 15-years and live out the rest of his life. And in 15-years, I'll be in the same situation I'm in now." 

According to police: Dieter was in his car with a friend near 19th and Cheltenham in West Oak Lane in September of 2007 when he reportedly exchanged words with Bohannon who then shot him several times.

Bohannon was caught on a security camera going in and out of a nearby store. But he fled after the shooting, only to be caught 2-months later in Jonesborough, Georgia on a drug possession charge.

Dieter's father, Philadelphia consumer advocate Lance Haver, is not completely happy with Bohannon's prison sentence:

"We're obviously sad. And we hope that the District Attorney will prosecute the gun people who made this happen, made this possible. It's not over. We're going to continue to hope for Daren to improve."

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