$100 Buys My Baby

Neighbors say dad was desperate to sell his daughter

A Philadelphia dad, desperate to feed his drug habit, tried to sell his baby girl, according to police sources and neighbors.

"He's telling me like can you take my baby I'm only asking for a hundred dollars and I was like, 'Are you serious,'" said Katie O'Kefe, one of four people approached by the dad Friday morning in Frankford.

Charles Bond ran up to Karie and her boyfriend, begging for cash, she said.

"I couldn't believe these words were coming out of a father's mouth," said Katie. "He was just walking around in circles saying 'I only want a hundred dollars a hundred dollars.'"

The couple called police and another neighbor actually acted like he was going to buy the 6-month old baby, handwriting a contract. It was his way of buying time until police got there to arrest bond and take his little girl to St. Christopher's hospital to be checked out.

"It was a beautiful little girl. The mom totally left the baby in the store the other day. It's sad. They've been leaving that baby in the house everyday by herself." said Felicia Polk. Polk says bond told her Thursday he needed to "get rid of" his baby.

"He just said he could take care of the baby because he was too bad on drugs."

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