Dad, Daughter Spoof Matthew McConaughey Car Commercial in Philly Suburbs

"I didn't do it to be cool. I didn't do it to make a statement. I just liked it." 

You've probably heard the uber suave Matthew McConaughey utter those lines effortlessly during one of his Lincoln car commercials.

Bucks County resident and filmmaker Eric Moyer imagined a different version, featuring his five year old daughter Michelle in her uber cool, pink Barbie car.

In his YouTube spoof, Moyer recreated the commercial word for word with Michelle behind the wheel, driving through a park.[[387956392,c]]

"We practiced her lines driving to the store in her car seat and she’s pretty good at saying them. We watched the video numerous times and a lot of editing because some shots weren’t always feasible," Moyer said. 

Moyer is not new to the film industry; he has written two books and produced a video series called 'Wilber the Cat.'  

"I did a film called 'A Halfway House' with Robert Romanus and my YouTube show with Wilber was pretty successful. So, I’ve always been dabbling in film but I had never done a spoof before,” Moyer said.

"I got the idea one day because it was playing non-stop on the television. I just thought how funny it would be to have a kid in a Barbie car doing the same thing," Moyer said.

Moyer enjoyed recreating the ad but said it was time consuming because he wanted to mirror the original commercial.

"This video with my daughter is a shot for shot recreation of the original, down to the beats of the music and angles of the camera."[[387956632,C]]

Moyer's video has been viewed over 58,000 times and he hopes to do more spoofs in the future.

"We're actually going to do another one. There is one with a bull in the middle of the street with Matthew McConaughey and he says 'that’s a big bull.' I picture that with Michelle and a Teddy Bear saying ‘that’s a big teddy bear.'"

Look out for more of Moyer’s movies on his YouTube channel.

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