Crazy Skunks Stinking up Allentown

Rabid skunks make for a dangerous public health problem in Allentown

This is no time to get scent-imental about wildlife, as two rabid skunks were killed by Allentown police in the past two weeks, and others have been spotted, creating a public health scare.

Charming Pepé Le Pews they are not.

One skunk bit a woman while she was gardening at her home in east Allentown, and a second skunk chased a policeman, continuing to charge him even after the officer shot at it twice, reports WFMZ.

A resident reported a third skunk behaving bizarrely Wednesday night on South St. Cloud Terrace, reports the Morning Call, but officers were unable to find it.

Allentown resident Mabel Scheirer called police and animal control Sunday after she watched two skunks fighting each other in her yard.

"I happened to look out the back and there was 2 skunks fighting," Scheirer told WFMZ. "They were in my yard and the neighbors yards and back and forth fighting like crazy."

City authorities are warning residents to be on guard, keep trash cans covered, keep all kinds of food inside, and all feed family pets inside.

Perhaps most importantly, residents should make sure their pets are vaccinated against rabies.

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