Fighter Pilot Killed Trimming Tree

U.S. Airman hit by car while trimming a tree in his yard

A fighter pilot was killed by an out-of-control car while he was trimming a tree outside his Cherry Hill house Monday morning.

The driver of the car was also killed.

Stephen M. Moffa, 41, of East Chapel Avenue in Cherry Hill lost control of his car at about 10 a.m. Monday while driving at a high speed on westbound Route 70 and struck a shoulder, a utility pole, and a homeowner.

Air Force Lt. Col. Mark C. Jennings, 44, was in his front yard trimming limbs on a tree on the 400 block of west Route 70 when Moffa’s car hit him, knocking his body more than 100 feet.

"He flipped and went up into the guy's lawn. It was horrible," said another eyewitness.

Both Jennings and Moffa were killed instantly.

"Everybody was beside themselves because the gentleman was lying on the sidewalk across the street from our office and we could not imagine how that happened," said an eyewitness.

Jennings piloted F-16 fighter jets over Iraq. He and his wife, and Air Force lieutenant, moved here from Texas more than a year ago.

Cherry Hill Police are investigating the crash.

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