Deadly Crash Witness: It Was Horrific

Sources: Car was speeding through a school zone

An innocent man was killed Tuesday morning when a car speeding through a school zone crashed, sources tell NBCPhiladelphia. The force of the accident was so great, it literally cut a car in two.

"I saw the accident. It was very upsetting, it was a horrific accident," said a witness.

The accident started around 8 a.m. while Parkside officer Mark Marchesi was working a school crossing detail at Forestview Road and Route 352 and tried to stop a driver for allegedly speeding in a school zone, said police.

The burgundy SUV was swerving through the intersection at 90mph, according to investigators. The SUV struck a black Honda killing the 25-year-old male driver instantly.

Lou Atkinson was stopped at the light in his black pick-up truck with his 8-year old daughter when the SUV and Honda spun into his and another driver's car.

"I was at a stand still. I was very lucky," said Atkinson.

The 18-year-old driver of the SUV tried to get out and run but collapsed and was later taken into police custody, according to Atkinson.

The crash shut down Route 352 near Knowlton Road for several hours.

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