Counterfeit Cash Found at Local Farmers' Markets

Farmers’ Market vendors are on edge after counterfeit cash was found at two locations in our area.
Counterfeit $50 bills were discovered at the Farmers’ Market in Rittenhouse Square two weeks ago. Counterfeit $100 bills were also discovered at the Farmers’ Market in Emmaus, Lehigh County on Sunday.

The vendors claim the counterfeit money was printed over a real $5 bill and the watermark of Abraham Lincoln is still visible, though barely. Vendors at both locations are now taking precautions and telling employees what to look out for.

“We’re doing some training on paying attention when you’re getting large bills,” said Nicky Uy of the Food Trust. “If you put it up against the light you can tell. If you’re shopping somewhere and you notice that you’ve gotten a bill that looks funny, then approach a market manager. They’re there as a resource to talk to you about anything at the market that looks kind of suspicious.”

Both Philadelphia Police in Emmaus Police are investigating. Emmaus Police tell NBC10 they don’t want to release details at this time on how the bills were manufactured. No arrests have been made.

Farmers' Markets are retail markets were farmers sell food directly to consumers. Over 20 Farmers’ Markets are located in Philadelphia.

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