Couch Discovered on Roof of S. Coventry Eatery

It's someone's idea of a joke...and you've got to admit it's a pretty good one.

A couch was discovered on the roof of the Ridge Restaurant in South Coventry by an employee, early Wednesday.

But what's more interesting, is that none of the roughly 25 customers already inside chowing down noticed the newest outdoor seating area...and neither did any of the already "clocked in" employees, reports The Mercury.

Restaurant assistant manager Nancy McGrady tells NBC Philadelphia that she pulled up to work just after 7:30 a.m. and that's when she saw the loveseat on top of the 12-foot high roof.

"What the hell? There's a couch on the roof," McGrady said, according to the paper.

Both McGrady and Ridge owner Michael Miller agree that the restaurant's new seating area was the work of a prankster.

Unfortunately, the restaurant does not have a surveillance camera, so Miller and the rest of his employees are left to come up with their own theories.

"Somebody had to have come with a big truck,” Miller tells The Mercury.

The owner tells NBC Philadelphia that he and some employees pushed the loveseat off the roof and then set it on fire.

Miller, who is taking the prank in stride, says he doesn't plan on pressing any charges, he's just curious to the heck did someone get a couch up there?


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