The Price to Roar for Nova

It may be cheaper to stay in Philly to watch the Final Four this weekend, but true fans can't put a price on being part of the action.

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Travel packages to the Final Four may be pricy, but some fans will pay anything to be part of the action. This is a look at how much it will cost Wildcat fans to see the Final Four.
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Getting to and from Detroit could be the most costly part of the trip. has multiple airlines with round-trip flights from Philadelphia to Detroit for $477.
Getting around Detroit for three days (assuming the Cats make the final) will require a car rental. is charging less than $34 a day for a standard car. Total price for three days is about $112 -- not bad and cheaper than driving your own car all the way out to Michigan.
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Sleeping in the airport is not a good idea, therefore booking a hotel room is a necessity. lists many hotels for Final Four fans that are close to the stadium.

The Corktown Inn and Motor City Casino Hotel are within two miles from Ford Field and require a minimum four-night stay.
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Tickets to the Final Four are being sold for fairly reasonable prices on Stub Hub. There are two options for those purchasing tickets: A "strip" of tickets will get you in to both Saturday semi-finals and Monday's finals. Another option is to purchase a la carte tickets for either Saturday or Monday.
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The best bet could be to purchase a "strip" of tickets. This includes tickets to all the Final Four games. Strips are priced at $370. Purchasing strips are like getting two tickets for the price of one, said Sean Pate, head of corporate communications for
Buying a la carte tickets for one game may end up costing more if Nova makes it to the finals. Saturday alone costs $342 for the upper deck. Monday tickets cost $158 for the upper deck and $225 for lower seats.
Tickets to see Jay Wright in the finals could become cheaper after two teams are eliminated in the semi-finals.
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If tickets to the game are a no-go, fans can cheer on their team at one of Detroit's local bars. Cobo Joe's Bar and Grill is the NCAA Headquarters and place to be to watch the game. Fans can also gather at the Detroit Pub, located near the stadium, to watch the games.
Fans must shell out a lot of cash to catch all the action at the Final Four in Detroit, but...
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...getting to see Villanova win the championship is -- priceless.
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