Cops Shoot, Kill Dog in Port Richmond

Dog charged officers while they were serving a warrant, authorities say

Philadelphia police shot and killed a dog while serving a warrant on a Port Richmond residence.

The incident happened on the 4500-block of Hale Street a little after 2 p.m. Friday, authorities told NBC Philadelphia.

The officers were serving Christopher Padgeon, 26, with a warrant for contempt of court, reports the Inquirer.

Padgeon put the pit bull in his kitchen and blocked the door with a board to block the dog from exiting when the officers entered Padgeon’s house, according to the Inquirer.

But when the police handcuffed the man, his pit bull jumped over the board to attack. One of the officers shot at the dog and when the dog continued to charge, a second shot killed it.

Padgeon is now in police custody.

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