B-Coop Brings Renee Home to Meet the Parents

Bradley Cooper may be one of the hottest stars in Hollywood but that doesn’t mean that the Jenkintown, Pa. native wouldn’t bring his girlfriend home to meets the parents.

Cooper recently took his new lady, Renee Zellweger, home Philly to the meet parents, according to a report on Yahoo! Movies.

It would make sense that Cooper took the Oscar-winning actress home to meet the rents. “The Hangover” star credits his parents for giving him a romantic perspective.

"The truth is I got it first from my parents, who've been married since 1963. I got it from them and from my grandparents who are still together. I grew up in a very old-fashioned Roman Catholic, Italian-Irish family in Philly. Now my parents have evolved into completely different creatures, in terms of their marriage and the roles of the man and the woman. It's completely evolved. And I think that's great, but it's still romantic," he told Parade Magazine.

Well ladies for now it seems that this Hollywood heartthrob with local roots is off the market as he and Zellweger get more serious.

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