Confession Tape in 14-Year-Old Grace Packer Rape-Murder Fantasy Played in Court

Jacob Sullivan and Sara Packer are accused of beating, raping, and killing the woman's 14-year-old daughter as part of a sexual fantasy

EDITOR'S NOTE: The details of this story may be disturbing for some. Discretion is advised.

Jacob Sullivan, the man who investigators say confessed to carrying out a rape-murder fantasy of a 14-year-old girl alongside the teen's mother, told police he wanted the torture and death "to be fun" for the child.

Sullivan, 45, made the comments during a 97-minute long confession to detectives following his arrest in the 2016 killing of Grace Packer.

Portions of Sullivan's recorded confession were played in a Bucks County, Pennsylvania courtroom on Tuesday as a judge determines what evidence can be put before a jury in the man's upcoming trial.

Bucks County District Attorney's Office
Grace Packer, 14, was last seen alive on July 4, 2016. Her dismembered body was found on Oct. 31, 2016 in rural Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

Sullivan told detectives he punched Grace in the face as they, along with the girl's 43-year-old adoptive mother, Sara Packer, walked into the couple's Quakertown home on July 8, 2016. The beating left Grace crying and a bloody wound on her head.

"It was not to be mean. Obviously, it was mean," Sullivan told police. "[It was] a weird fantasy kinda thing."

The couple then took Grace up to the home's attic where Sullivan said he performed a sex act on the teen, according to investigators. Sullivan believed the girl was a "very sexual person."

Grace was bound, beaten, drugged, and left to languish in the hot attic for days. The couple had hoped the heat would kill the girl, police said. Days later, with Grace still alive, Sullivan returned to the attic to strangle the girl.

"I didn't want this to be a terror show for her. I wanted it to be fun," Sullivan said of the rape and killing.

Sullivan used a bow saw to cut up the girl's body and her remains were stored in kitty litter with moth balls to conceal the smell. Sullivan told police dismembering the girl reminded him of cutting up a 20 pound turkey.

Grace's body remained in the attic for months. The couple later disposed of it in a remote area near Scranton where it was later found by hunters.

Bucks County District Attorney's Office
Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan

Both Sara Packer and Sullivan tried to kill themselves in the days following the murder. The subsequent investigation uncovered Grace had endured a life of abuse while in her adoptive mother's care.

Sullivan later asked prosecutors for protection in prison over fears he'd be assaulted or killed. He's since been kept out of the general population.

Prosecutors plan seek the death penalty in the case. Trial is scheduled to begin in September.

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