Condom Caper Attacks

A 12-count box of Trojans will run you about $12.   And not wearing a condom could cost you a whole lot more.  But, one Delaware woman thinks she shouldn’t have to pay a dime for a safe, fun time.  She decided to pocket a few condom boxes and assault a store clerk with a tube of KY Jelly as she made a run for it.

 We couldn’t make this up if we tried—That’s all according to New Castle County police.

The “petite” suspect is accused of attempting to steal a few boxes of condoms Wednesday night from a Happy Harry’s store on Marrow Road.

Police were called to the store after a clerk called to report a “terroristic threat.”

The clerk told the officers she received a phone call from a woman who threatened to shoot her.

She told police about an hour before the phone call, she had confronted a woman about stolen condoms in her pockets.  The clerk retrieved most of the goods and then was attacked by the woman with a shopping basket and a tube of KY, police said. 

The clerk thinks the threatening call came from the suspect, she told police.

Now, one should never steal, but at least we know the condom caper is a stickler for practicing safe sex.

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