Commuter Crime: Hotspots on SEPTA’s System and When It Is Most Dangerous to Ride the Rails

NBC10/ John Taylor

Hundreds of thousands ride SEPTA public transit each day. (How many exactly? Take our quiz below and find out.)

With that much human traffic, crime is bound to occur. But SEPTA police have developed data analysis and proactive crime-fighting strategies to prevent rampant criminal activity from overrunning the system.

An NBC10 Investigators review of five years' worth of police incidents across the system found that strategies under the current SEPTA police chief are working to keep crime levels down and more violent incidents from occurring.  

Still, the Investigators found, some trouble spots emerge at certain locations — and at certain times of the day and week.

Test your knowledge, and learn new things, about commuting and crime on SEPTA in the quiz below.

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