After Assassination Attempt on Philadelphia Officer, Community Walks for Peace

As soon as a gunman out for blood zeroed in on Officer Jesse Hartnett on a West Philadelphia street corner Thursday night, pumping three bullets into the young policeman's arm in a brazen attempt to kill him, Rosalind Pichardo knew she couldn't just do nothing.

The news of the violence was all too familiar to Pichardo, 38, who just marked the fourth anniversary of the murder of her brother, Alexander Martinez, 23, who was shot to death during a robbery in North Philadelphia in January 2012. Martinez's killing remains unsolved.

Rosalind Pichardo
Rosalind Pichardo holds a picture of her brother, who was shot to death in 2012. She organized a walk for peace after last week's shooting of Officer Jesse Hartnett.

"There has to be a point where we show our appreciation, that the community has their back," Pichardo, who runs an organization called Operation Save Our City and regularly holds walks and vigils against violence, said on Sunday.

"The response has been overwhelming," the woman added. "I've been getting a lot of reactions from the police districts ... and a lot of community leaders are also reaching out to me."

Pichardo planned a march from Broad Street and Girard Avenue for Tuesday evening.

The flier for the walk -- bearing the phrase #AllLivesMatter -- was shared widely on social media.

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No greater love..... Thanks for your service Love Operation Save Our City

Posted by Roz Pichardo on Saturday, January 9, 2016

A group of about 30 people joined Pichardo in the march Tuesday night. They marched from Broad and Girard to City Hall carrying banners while chanting, "Stop the Violence," and "All Lives Matter." The marchers also chanted Hartnett's name.

"I know the community overall supports Officer Hartnett and the police and they support reducing crime and having peace on the streets of Philadelphia," said Philadelphia Police Captain Frank Palumbo.

Other groups who didn't take part in Tuesday's rally told NBC10 they're planning their own fundraisers and rallies for Officer Hartnett. Earlier in the day members of the city's Muslim and Arab communities held a rally in support of Philadelphia Police.

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