Common Questions About Snowstorm

Here's the answers to the most common questions viewers are asking!

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Yes. Governor Wolf declared a state of emergency for Philadelphia, the immediate suburbs. Governor Christie declared a state of emergency in Delaware and Governor Christie also declared a state of emergency for New Jersey.
You can find tips for keeping your pets safe here.
Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz says winds tend to gradually go up and down, meaning they will ramp up, and then down, and then back again. Winds are expected to be upwards of 60 mph at the shore, and 40 mph inland.
The Philadelphia region will see lots of snow! The Shore will also see snow, but could change over at some point.
“Hurricane” Schwartz says the sun will be out, but of course there will still be a lot of snow around. The main highways should be usable, but be on the lookout for less-traveled roads that have not been cleared.
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