The Comcast Technology Center Is Now Open and Ready for the Public

The Comcast Technology Center officially opened to the public Thursday, Oct. 18.

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Dan Farrell
The Comcast Technology Center officially opened to the public this week.
In addition to housing NBC10 and Telemundo 62 studios, the Comcast Technology Center features a number of amenities for public enjoyment.
Dan Farrell
The lobby, which opened to the public on Thursday Oct. 18, features a unique and deliberate connection between technology and nature. CEO Brian Roberts says he wanted designers to keep things warm and human in juxtaposition with the colder architectural elements the building has to offer.
Dan Farrell
Now open and fully operational, Vernick Coffee bar is sure to please! Roberts says it will be "the finest coffee bar in the city." It can be found on the upper level of the lobby.
Dan Farrell
Craving more than just coffee? Adjacent to Vernick Coffee Bar is a seated dining room offering full service breakfast and lunch on weekdays.
NBC 5 News
On Wednesday, Oct. 17, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts (Right) met with artists Conrad Shawcross (Left) and Jenny Holzer (Center) to explain the inspiration behind their newly revealed commissions.
Dan Farrell
Holzer's work, dubbed "For Philadelphia 2018," features nine narrow digital screens with scrolling vertical text along the lobby's high ceiling. The design is characteristic of Holzer's work as it features a variety of thought-provoking phrases and poems - 17 hours of words from international poets, Philadelphia-based writers, poets, and school children. Holzer added that because of the building's many reflective surfaces, "this piece rocks at night."
Araceli Lopez-Porras
Shawcross' piece "Exploding Paradigms", features tetrehedron sides which grow and spiral towards the ceiling. "It just goes on and on forever and never comes back full circle," Shawcross said. The piece marks Shawcross' first commission in the United States. The reflective surfaces work well in combination with Holzer's piece. We could talk about it all day, but nothing compares to seeing it in person. Come by the Comcast Technology Center to check out the new food and art installations for yourself, we'll be waiting!
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