Colwyn Police Unable to Patrol Due to Financial Crisis

The chaos continues in the troubled Colwyn Borough in Delaware County as police are now unable to patrol due to money problems.

In the midst of a $1 million deficit for the borough, the Jim Pickett’s Automotive and Gas Station on South McDade Boulevard in Darby suspended Colwyn’s account, meaning borough vehicles, including police cruisers and fire trucks, are unable to fill up gas at the station. Borough employees will now have to go to a different location and pay out of their own pockets with the hopes of being reimbursed.

Colwyn Mayor Michael Blue called the situation a crisis, claiming the borough can’t even provide the most basic services.

“The police vehicles are barely running on a limp leg,” Blue said. “Now they don’t have any gas. How are they gonna patrol just in case we get an emergency in Colwyn?”

Saturday night, Maurice Clark, the president of the Colwyn Fire Department, told NBC10 the Colwyn Council President gave police officers money to fill up the police cars. It's unclear however if they were given borough money or someone's personal cash.

The latest crisis for Colwyn comes only one day after the borough council voted to get rid of borough manager Paula Brown. Brown accused council members of using sloppy accounting to siphon money from taxpayers. She locked herself in her own office Friday in protest.

For years the NBC10 Investigators have covered political unrest in Colwyn including allegations of “back room” funding deals. Brown also claimed her tires were slashed after she spoke out against the borough’s fire department.

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