Iconic NJ Farmers Market Returns After Devastating Fire

Over a year after it was nearly destroyed by a devastating fire, an iconic South Jersey landmark had a grand reopening on Saturday.

The Columbus Farmers Market in Columbus, Burlington County is now fully rebuilt. A special event with live music and family activities was held Saturday to celebrate its reopening.

Windy weather fueled the flames Tuesday at New Jersey’s largest and oldest Farmers Market in Columbus, Burlington County. But as NBC10’s Nefertiti Jaquez reports, the owners hope to reopen soon.

On November 18, 2014, the self-proclaimed “oldest and largest flea market” in the Philadelphia region went up in flames along Route 206 near Columbus Jobstown Road, sending thick smoke into the air. No one was injured during the four-alarm blaze and the market wasn’t open at the time.

SkyForce10 was over this 4 alarm blaze at the Columbus Farmers Market in Burlington County, N.J.

It took fire crews nearly two hours to bring it under control. By the time the smoke cleared, the market’s Building 4, which housed retail stores and a food court, was completely destroyed. 

Springfield Township Mayor Denis McDaniel talks to NBC10 about the fire that destroyed one of the buildings at the landmark Columbus Farmers Market on U.S. Route 206 in Burlington County.

“It was a living nightmare,” said Marci Strauss, owner of Wicker Emporium, one of 11 stores destroyed by the fire. “Not knowing how we were going to pay our bills or what was going to happen with insurance and just fighting to survive every day. We were out for ten months and it was hard. But our customers were very supportive and we’re so happy to be back.”

SkyForce 10 is above a four-alarm fire at the Columbus Farmers Market on U.S. Route 206 in Burlington County. NBC10’s Christine Maddela shares details.

During an 18-month period, the Farmers Market was rebuilt and remodeled. It now has over 65 retail stores and thousands of outdoor flea market items.

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