College Student Dies Following Birthday Celebration

The Lafayette College freshman was found unresponsive in his dorm room Saturday afternoon after a night of drinking.

A Lafayette College freshman is dead following a night of drinking in celebration of his 19th birthday.

Everett Glenn was found unresponsive in his dorm room Saturday afternoon. 

"I had just seen him maybe four hours before," said Glenn's friend, Rodney Gould. "I just wished him happy birthday."

According to Glenn’s mother Joanne, she and her husband both spoke to him on the day he passed. One of those calls came at 6 a.m., when called to speak to his father with whom he shared a birthday, reports The Morning Call

It was then, the victim’s mother tells The Call, that her son told his dad he was drinking, but that he was being smart about it and going to his room to sleep.

He was found hours later, he had thrown up in his sleep, reports the paper.

Glenn was rushed to Easton Hospital where he was pronounced dead just after 2:30 p.m.

“It needs to be put to rest,” Joanne Glenn tells The Morning Call in reference to college drinking. "There is nothing glorious about it."

The Northampton County coroner says an autopsy is finished and toxicology tests will confirm how he died. Glenn's friends however, would rather remember how he lived.

"Everyone loved him," said his classmate, Rishi Gupta. "He did so many things on campus that everyone knew him. Freshmen, sophomores, seniors, everyone knew him."

"He had unbelievable charisma," said Bridget Greeley, co-captain of the Lafayette College fencing team which Glenn was a part of. "He really was a natural born leader and it resonated through him."

A memorial service was held to honor Glenn and Lafayette College President Dan Weiss released this statement:

“My thoughts are with Everett's parents and other family members at this extremely difficult time," Lafayette College President Dan Weiss said in an email message. "I extend to them my heartfelt condolences. My thoughts are also with our students and all members of our community who share in this tragic loss."

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