Bitter Cold to Last Into Morning Commute

Plan to bundle up again Wednesday

Another bitter cold morning is on tap for Philadelphia as a blast of winter weather holds on for one more day.

"Temperatures in the teens again," said NBC10 First Alert Weather meteorologist Sheena Parveen.

But unlike Tuesday's bitter cold morning, the wind chill won't be as severe.

"Not as much wind so it's not going to feel as cold -- that's at least the good thing," said Sheena.

Most of our region has activated what is known as a “Code Blue.” NBC10’s Rosemary Connors is in Center City with more on what you need to know if you plan on turning up the heat when the mercury drops.

If you are outside Wednesday morning, plan on having the coat, hat, scarf and gloves.

"If you're standing there for the bus or train, bundle up," said Sheena.

The chilly temps marked the coldest temperatures in the Philadelphia area since March.

Gas and home heating oil prices are dropping! NBC10’s Cydney Long crunches some numbers to add up your winter savings.

For those who like the warmer weather, don't worry. Temperatures should slowly climb above 50 by the weekend as rain moves in by week's end.

There’s a new push to expand the “Code Blue” program in New Jersey. NBC10’s Ted Greenberg shows us how it could save lives.
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