Cold Case Units: Money Well Spent

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Jim Friedman is a local news photographer who worked the police beat for years. He writes about Cold Cases.

Sometimes patience pays off.

Anytime a crime, especially a murder so heinous goes cold, it becomes easy give up hope and leave all the work to police investigators. It's easier to lose interest when there is no personal connection. Newark, N.J. has had such a case. 

Thirty-one years ago, five teenage boys finished playing basketball and were killed

Newark, N.J. Police never gave up and arrest were made:

Local governments have been starting Cold Case units all over the country. Smaller departments and counties are working together assigning officers to focus on specific cases rather than adding to their already large caseload and progress is being made. 

When your town discusses starting a cold case unit, think about supporting your local municipality if this subject should arise during a council meeting. 

It's money well spent.

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