City Council Candidate: My Dog Was Murdered

The dead bull mastiff was found between railroad tracks in Coatesville.

A Coatesville City Council candidate received a call from his wife on Wednesday claiming that one of their family’s dogs was missing, what he didn’t expect was to discover his beloved bull mastiff dead.

Jeffrey LoPrinzi said that his wife Alicia looked outside and only saw one of the family's two dogs. At first, Alicia thought that the five-year-old dog Charlie broke out of the backyard because the gate was open, but now, the couple have no doubt Charlie was lured out.

"He was beat to death," Alicia LoPrinzi told NBC Philadelphia.

 A neighbor found the mastiff’s beaten body on the railroad tracks behind the LoPrinzi house. He says that his jaw was broken and missing an eye.
LoPrinzi believes that someone may be "out to get him." Just six weeks ago, he says he found a “bottle bomb” outside of his Coatesville home.

Police are investigating both incidents.

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