Chunky Cat Named ‘Lasagna' Gets a Home; New Owners Get Lasagna, of Course

'Lasagna' has found a new loving home and the chunky cat's new owners are receiving some free lasagna -- what else -- from Stouffer's

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After the call of a Philadelphia animal shelter to find a home for a chunky cat named “Lasagna” in order to help her lose weight, a family has stepped up.

ACCT Philly tweeted late Thursday night that the Hammer family from Vineland, New Jersey, had adopted the 29-pound feline.

Photos and video released by ACCT Philly showed Lasagna snuggling up with the smiling couple, which agreed to get Lasagna on a diet.

After photos of Lasagna went viral, the company Stouffer's stepped in and offered their popular lasagna brand for free to whoever adopted Lasagna the cat.

ACCT Philly tweeted that they message Stouffer's to make the connection.

A spokesperson with ACCT Philly said someone left Lasagna outside their shelter in Philadelphia’s Hunting Park neighborhood on Sunday with a woman who was looking to adopt. The woman considered adopting Lasagna but ultimately passed due to the cat being much larger than what she was looking for. 

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ACCT Philly then took Lasagna in. Staff members said she’s very sweet and appeared to be generally healthy though her weight has made her stiff when she walks and unable to properly groom herself. 

“Obese cats can develop a lot of significant health issues, so she really needs a home where someone can help her lose the weight and be a healthy cat," Sarah Barnett of ACCT Philly said.

ACCT Philly dealt with budget cuts of nearly $900,000 from the city to their contract. To donate, CLICK HERE. 

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