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Clear the Shelters: Why Adopt Locally?

The Clear the Shelters event is just a few days away which means many people in our region are going to be adopting their new four-legged friend. There are many great reasons to adopt locally, especially because adoption can mean the difference between life and death for some pets.

Each year, 26,000 dogs and cats come through the doors of ACCT Philadelphia. The shelter allows people to surrender their pets at any time, for any reason and without the chance of being turned away. However, the shelter can only hold under 100 dogs and around 150 cats per day, which means animals must be put down for new arrivals.

“We want to make sure animals have the opportunity, in every situation to have a live outcome,” said Vincent Medley of the Animal Care and Control Team. “That’s not always possible, but it is our goal.”

ACCT Philly is working to become a no-kill shelter through programs that provide food and supplies for low income pet owners. Adoptions are an important step to reaching that goal, and events like Clear the Shelters are helpful to make sure animals can have a great future.

“It’s a great thing to say you adopt local, that you got your dog or car from one of our local neighborhoods,” says Caroline Fitzgerald of ACCT Philly. “Us Philly people want to keep it in the family.”

Hundreds of animal shelters across the country will come together July 23 for Clear the Shelters, a nationwide push to place deserving animals in forever homes. Use #ClearTheShelters to join the conversation on social media!

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