Classmate of Suspected LAX Gunman Describes ‘Shock’

A former classmate of 23-year-old Paul Ciancia describes the "shock" after seeing the name of his former schoolmate come across the TV screen as the suspect in the deadly LAX shooting.

WATCH: LAX Gunman from South Jersey

"A lot of confusion, a lot of questions for everybody in the community, just kind of wondering what's going on," said Jeff Skidmore.

Skidmore was classmates with Ciancia for four years, at Salesianum School-- a private catholic high school for boys located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Ciancia, who lived in Pennsville, N.J., graduated from Salesianum in 2008. Skidmore says Ciancia pretty much kept to himself, and doesn't remember him speaking to other students.

"We were in first period and he just kept to himself," said Skidmore, who added that despite his reserved manner, he would never expect Ciancia to do anything like this.

"Shocked! That's really the only emotion I could think that came to mind. Confused and shocked.  Why?  Somebody I know, it's crazy to think about," said Skidmore.

At Ciancia's family house, police cars and cameras are camped out front. Neighbors say they haven't heard anything from the family.

"It's shocking because we usually don't have the media down here, like I said, because this doesn't really happen in Pennsville,"said Michael Farro, neighbor.

The FBI announced Saturday that federal prosecutors will file murder charges against Ciancia.

TSA Officer Gerardo I. Hernandez, a father of two, was killed.

Officials say they found a handwritten note by the suspect, that mentioned his anger towards the TSA. Ciancia also allegedly texted family members alluding that he was having suicidal thoughts.

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