Church Lady Found Guilty for Unholy Act

Mary J. Fonder was convicted of shooting Rhonda Smith

The church lady who allegedly shot a fellow churchgoer was found guilty of first-degree murder on Friday by a Bucks County Court jury.

It took the jury 6 hours to decide that Mary Jane Fonder shot and killed Rhonda Smith at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Springfield Township.

Fonder will spend the rest of her life behind bars.

The verdict was no surprise to Michael Applebaum, Fonder’s attorney, who isn’t sure if he will make an appeal, according to

Apparently, Fonder was the only person who knew Rhonda Smith put in hours at the Church occasionally.

Smith’s computer went idle at 10:54 a.m. on the day she was murdered.

Just about a half hour later, Fonder was getting her hair done 8 miles down the road from the church.

Evidence of gunshot powder was found in her car along with bullet fragments on the driver’s side that Fonder’s brother reported seeing.

Jealousy may have been the motivation behind Fonder’s madness.

Fonder was not happy about the attention Smith was supposedly getting from the priest, according to prosecutors.

The disappearance of her father, Edward Fonder III, in 1993 is still in limbo today. Fonder lived with him at the time he vanished.

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