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Mom Says Someone Stole Christmas Tree Honoring Her Son 2 Years After His Death

A local mother is seeking the public’s help after she says a Christmas tree honoring her son who died over two years ago was stolen from his grave.

Christine McCormick’s 15-year-old son Martin died in July, 2013 after he was struck and killed by a truck on Rt. 322 in Concord Township. With Christmas coming up, McCormick decided to place a Christmas tree at his grave at the St. Peter and Paul cemetery on 1600 South Sproul Road in Springfield back on Nov. 28. Friends and family of the teen then placed special ornaments on the tree to remember him.

“The ornaments had a special meaning for whoever placed it on the tree,” McCormick said.

On Monday Dec. 7 however, McCormick discovered the tree had been taken. She believes someone stole it sometime between the night of Sunday, Dec. 6 and the morning of Dec. 7. She hasn’t seen it since then and desperately wants it back.

“I’ve lost my son and this Christmas tree is my way of remembering him,” she said.

The tree is 4 ½ feet-tall, and has a blue angel ornament on top. McCormick says at least 100 ornaments, including a Santa Claus, guitar, hacky sack, and soccer ball were placed on it. She also said the tree doesn’t have any Christmas lights on it.

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