Christmas Decorations Returned After Facebook Post

A Pennsylvania man says thieves have returned Christmas decorations stolen from his yard after he took them to task in a Facebook post.

Ricky Vaccaro tells WFMZ-TV that an inflatable Santa helicopter and a giant reindeer were last seen in his Ruscombmanor Township yard on Sunday.

Vaccaro's brother bought the decorations for his nephew and niece -- Vaccaro's son and  3-year-old daughter -- who hugged the decorations each day, and cried when they were taken.

That prompted Vaccaro to post comments on Facebook including, “Really ... how desperate are you for decorations that you had to steal my kids blow ups? Unreal.” Vaccaro told the thieves they could return the decorations or he'd turn over a surveillance tape to police.

"It's one thing to steal something; now you're stealing kids' Christmas decorations. Kind of makes the holidays a little grinchy," Vaccaro told the station.

Vaccaro says the decorations were returned Thursday -- no questions asked.

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