Christie, Fallon Sing Springsteen

NJ Governor joins late night host to sing Springsteen's "Thunder Road" then talks about the possibility of a record contract with NBC10

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could be one of the biggest fans of Bruce Springsteen around -- claiming to have seen “The Boss” 130 times -- and on national TV Tuesday he got to show off his fandom.

Christie, who was 13 when he first saw Bruce in 1975, is one of those Jersey guys that belts out every one of his Garden State hero’s lyrics.

On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Tuesday Christie, coming off seeing Bruce the night before at Citizens Bank Park, showed off those pipes in a brief duet with Fallon -- a huge Springsteen fan himself who has had "The Boss" on his NBC show many times.

"(Fallon) came into my dressing room before and had suggested the duet and for any of you who have seen me at a Springsteen this was like manna from heaven," Christie told reporters Wednesday.

At the press conference Christie downplayed any thoughts that he could possibly go from politics to music after his performance of "Thunder Road."

"If I had gotten a record contract I'd be out of here," he said with a laugh.

But that doesn't mean he wasn't satisfied with his performance.

"We actually harmonized pretty well -- it worked."

Just in case a record contract does materialize, NBC10 should get the exclusive.

"NBC10 will get the first notification -- since you were brave enough to ask you will get the exclusive interview when I do get my record contract," a smiling Christie quipped.

Check out video of the performance of “Thunder Road” posted on Christie’s YouTube page and let us know what you think of the Governor’s voice.

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