Chilling 911 Call: Man Says He Killed Wife, Son

In a calm voice, Christopher Moyer tells a 911 dispatcher how he bludgeoned his wife and 7-year-old son to death

“I need to report a murder,” the cool voice of Christopher Moyer can be heard on a recently released recording of the 911 call he made June 17.

The Warrington, Pa. man beat his wife and 7-year-old son to death with a baseball bat last Friday night. Then, after calling 911 to report the murders, 44-year-old Moyer killed himself by lying in front of a train.

Moyer called authorities at 9:40 p.m. and after telling the dispatcher that he was reporting two murders and giving his home address, the dispatcher asked if Moyer knew what happened.

“A mother and son bludgeoned to death,” Moyer calmly states.

“Who are you,” the dispatcher asks.

“I am the husband,” Moyer says.

“Did you do it,” the dispatcher asks.

“Yes, I did,” Moyer says.

When the dispatcher asked Moyer if he was sure the victims were dead Moyer says, “I am positive.”

Police found Moyer’s wife, Irina Moyer, 39, and their son, Dillan Moyer, 7, dead inside the family’s Redstone Drive home in Warrington.

Police said the woman and child were killed by repeated blows with a blunt object. Irina Moyer was found in a second floor bathroom, and Dillan’s body was inside his bedroom. There were no signs of struggle, leading investigators to believe the killings may have started while the victims slept.

A bloody baseball bat was found in the house, police say. Moyer was not in the house.

At about 1 a.m. police responded to a fatality on the railroad tracks in Hatboro. Moyer’s vehicle was found near the train tracks. Police said it appeared Moyer laid his head on the railroad track and waited for the train to come.

A typed note was found inside the family home listing the names of relatives and their phone numbers.  Investigators said there were indications that the family had been in financial trouble.

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