‘Lucky’ Boy Survives 3-Story Fall From Bedroom

“This child is very, very lucky.”

That is how Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector described a young boy who survived a fall from his third-floor bedroom along the 1100 block of Bainbridge Street in Bella Vista late Thursday night.

A person driving along the block called 911 after he saw a boy crying, lying on the ground outside the row home.

Philadelphia Police responded to the scene around 10:30 p.m. to find the 4-year-old on the ground below his bedroom window.

Medics rushed the boy to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in stable condition.

“He has bumps and bruises and a possibly fractures left wrist,” said Small.

Small said the whole thing appeared to be an accident that happened while the child played with his 12 year-old brother.

“For some unknown reason at this time, the boy fell through the screen, the screen actually fell out of the window and landed on the ground next to the boy who fell three floors,” said Small.

The boy’s mother and family member cooperated with investigators, according to police.

Small said he didn’t expect anyone to be charged.

“It looks at this point that this was just an accident,” said Small.

The exact circumstances of the fall remained under investigation Friday morning.

The fall came as the unidentified boy's pregnant mother prepared to get married this weekend, reported NBC10's Jesse Gary.

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