Free Toll on Atlantic City Expressway, for an Hour

Maybe there is such a thing as a free ride.

Well, at least a free tollbooth.

Crab Fries-favorite Chickie’s & Pete’s is kicking off the "unofficial start of summer" by covering every driver’s toll at the Jersey Shore-bound Egg Harbor tolls along the Atlantic City Expressway from 5 to 6 p.m. Friday. [[381083351, C]]

The #FreeTollFriday promotion by restaurant owner Pete Ciarrocchi has become a holiday tradition as the eatery with locations in Philadelphia, the suburbs and, of course, the Jersey Shore covers the $3 toll for an hour.

You will however still have to pay the tolls (and gas) on the way to your favorite Jersey Shore town but at least the one toll will be covered.

Safe driving on your way to the shore.

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