Corvette Santa Brings Drive-by Christmas Gifts to Philly Children

Santa brings a souped-up sleigh for gift giving in the City of Brotherly Love

A fast car aficionado donned Santa’s red suit, grabbed an elf (literally) and set off in his Corvette to spread drive-by holiday cheer to random children around Center City Philadelphia.

BigKleib34 “goes undercover as Santa Claus to hook the kids of Philly up with a bunch of gifts” in the video posted to his YouTube page.

BigKleib, aka Jesse Kleiber, doesn't hail from the North Pole but rather Middletown, Delaware

"It would be kind of neat if I did something for Christmas... we got all excited for it and a couple days later we had to buy Santa suits."

Jesse used five cameras and a few hours to shoot the drive-by video in his 2006 'Vette on Dec. 13.

Jesse picks up drumming Joey the Elf out in a field behind the Amazon Fulfillment Center then the duo heads off to Philly to hand out gifts right out the window of the black sports car as a song from Joey's the Elf's band -- Reading, Pennsylvania-based punk rockers Atlantic Avenue -- plays in the background.

Corvette Santa hits up spots from South Street to LOVE Park to the Rittenhouse area, getting plenty of smiles and “thanks” along the way as he handed out gifts he purchased himself. [[345068632, C]]

“Hey buddy, catch!” shouts Joey the Elf as he throws a football to a backpack-wearing boy walking along Lombard Street.

"It was a really cool feeling," Jesse told NBC10. "I was shocked that a lot of them were that excited -- you could see it on their faces. Making somebody else's day better is a good feeling."

Besides handing out gifts to folks from the car, Santa also got out of his “sleigh” to make the day of a little girl who just wanted to meet Santa.

“She wants to see Santa Claus, can you take a picture with her,” says the mother who said they had been searching for Santa. Well, the jolly guy wound up coming to them.

In total, Jesse -- who does YouTube videos for a living -- estimated they gave out around 20 to 30 gifts while driving around for just under two hours.

Jesse ends the video by saying he hopes to inspire others to go out and “spread some Christmas joy.”

The 23-year-old told NBC10 that the car community has really gotten on board with the idea and could be looking to help spread the cheer next year.

"My car friends were all sharing it -- 'this is awesome man, you gotta do it again' ... a lot of people are talking about blowing it up really big next year, doing a lot more gifts and maybe having a couple more cars."

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