Chester County Prison Guard Gets $100 a Delivery to Smuggle Drugs: Prosecutors

Prosecutors say guard had his young son with him while picking up a drug delivery at area Wawa

Prosecutors in suburban Philadelphia said a “corrupted” prison guard received $100 a delivery to get drugs, including heroin and prescriptions drugs, including Xanax, to convicted felons.

"As a result of his greed, this correctional officer is going from guarding inmates to being an inmate, said Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan.

Hogan announced the arrest Monday of Chester County Prison correctional officer Douglas Keck.

Keck, 45, began working at the county prison last September. Keck would get drugs to “middle man” Ray Gibase who would then distribute the drugs to other inmates, said prosecutors. Keck allegedly got $100 per delivery.

A group of inmates in H Block – where Keck worked -- and people outside prison teamed up to funnel the drugs through Keck and Gibase on at least five occasions between February and March. Fellow inmate Victor Rodriguez would help coordinate the purchase of drugs through his fiancé Ivelise Rodriguez, said prosecutors.

Among the inmates accused of receiving drugs in prison are Richard Nicoletti, 38, and Steven Wambold, 24.

Nicoletti’s friend Vladislav Babayan, 30 of Bristol, Pennsylvania allegedly used Keck to get drugs to Nicoletti. Wambold’s girlfriend Brittany Pestcoe, 21, of Douglassville, Pennsylvania used her job at CVS to steal drugs from the pharmacy that she then allegedly gave to Keck for delivery, said Hogan.

A deal on March 23 became the scheme’s undoing, said investigators. In that instance, Pestcoe could be seen delivering money and drugs to Keck outside a North Conventry Wawa. A county detective approached Keck and the prison guard turned over the contraband, said investigators.

Keck had his 4-year-old son with him at the Wawa deal, said investigators.

"This case is another reminder of the dangers of these powerful narcotic drugs," said District Attorney Thomas Hogan. "Even in prison, inmates cannot break their addiction. As a result, a correctional officer was corrupted, betraying his co-workers for a little money from convicted criminals."

Keck and the other defendants face a slew of drugs charges. Keck also faces a count of child endangerment.

Keck had no comment as he was led to a waiting police car after being arraigned Monday outside of muttering he "had a lot of regrets."

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