Caught on Cam: Bully Attacks Boy on School Bus: Officials

An elementary school student was suspended after officials say he was caught on video hitting and bullying another boy.

The 10-year-old victim, who we are not identifying, is a student at Main Street Elementary School in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania. The boy told NBC10 he was repeatedly bullied by a group of students. The latest incident, which happened on a school bus, was recorded on video and later posted on Facebook by the victim’s mother.

“My mom was crying a lot and I cry myself to sleep every night,” the boy said.

The boy told NBC10 he was scared to fight back fearing that the group of bullies on the bus would join in on the attack. The boy, who showed us pictures of bruises and scratches on his face from the repeated bullying, said he remembered the advice a police officer once gave him.

“She said you’re nobody’s punching bag and stand up for yourself,” the boy said. “You could choose two different ways to do it. Tell someone or fight back.”

The boy told his mother about the bullying. She said she tried repeatedly to get him out of the school.

“It hurts me to my bone to see another child hurt another child so bad like that,” the mother said. “He was really afraid and he would beg me and plead with me to go to that school because he said that once the kids knew there would be consequences.”

A spokesperson for the Chester Upland School District told NBC10 the student seen bullying the boy on the bus in the video was suspended.

“Bullying is cruel, unacceptable conduct, and we will not tolerate it anywhere within the jurisdiction of the district schools, including - by extension - our school buses,” said Chester Upland School District Superintendent Gregory Shannon. “We are conducting an investigation into this incident, and have already suspended the child captured in the video.”

Shannon also said the victim will be transferred to another school which will require a bus route change.

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